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The monastic community of Dagpo Shedrup Ling in India performs prayers and ceremonies for the sake of all sentient beings every day. You are welcomed to join these daily prayers or request specific prayers whether for yourself or someone in need. More precisely, this space offers you the possibility:

  1. To organize a ceremony for the recently deceased
  2. To dedicate prayers for a specific purpose related to your life path or someone else's
  3. To gather positive energy by participating to great religious events taking place at the monastery 

Please consult the different sections below and kindly answer the different forms so that your messages may reach the monastery and its community may serve you in the best conditions.


Prayers for One's Life Path or That of Others

According to the Buddha, it is possible to accumulate merits and purify one's mindstream in different ways- first of all through one's own spiritual practice, but also by requsting a religious community to perform rituals or prayers. Such ceremonies can be organized both for one's own intention,...

Prayers for the Recently Deceased

According to the Buddha, it is possible to help sentient beings even beyond their present life, in particular by gathering and dedicating merits for their intention. In particular, the forty-nine days following their death are considered essential for the orientation of their future rebirth. In...

Offerings of Tea, Meal and Light

Over the years, some of you have had the good fortune to experience the special peacefulness of the life at the monastery, while others have heard of the precious traditions that the community of Dagpo Shedrup Ling seek to preserve in this world. We offer you here the possibility of participating...

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Offer a hundred butter lamps, symbols of wisdom. They will be lit the same day or the next day depending on the time of your request by a monk from Dagpo Shedrup Ling in the glazed household provided for these offerings of light, which faces the main temple and dominates the entire valley.
Offer a hundred butter lamps, symbols of wisdom. They will be lit the same day or the next day depending on the time of your request by a monk from...

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