How to live today to die in peace tomorrow - Neuchâtel - 2010


Like a needy unaware of possessing a treasure, we most often go through our lives without even suspecting its extraordinary potential. This teaching invites us to become fully aware of it, infuses us with the courage to accomplish great things, shows us that with such an existence complete enlightenment is within our reach.    


Rinpoche leads us to this awareness through three main moments:

    1. Identifying how precious our human life is with its eight freedoms and ten attributes: to help us recognize the qualities of our current support of existence, Rinpoche describes with great care the four unfavorable conditions, human or not, from which we have escaped, as well as the five attributes relating to ourselves or to others that give us a potential that we are unfortunately most often unaware of.

    2. Contemplating its great value: Rinpoche shows us how this human life could fulfill all our wishes, both temporarily (by bringing together all the conditions necessary for happiness in our next lives) and ultimately (by achieving liberation or complete awakening), and how much it is infinitely precious from moment to moment thanks to the mind of enlightenment that it allows us to cultivate.

    3. Reflecting on the difficulty of obtaining it: in order to avoid taking this existence for granted, Rinpoche helps us to perceive it for what it is: a truly unique opportunity, immensely difficult to meet.   


This meditation helps us to gain real self-confidence, shakes off all laziness in us and helps to awaken in us an increased joy in practicing the spiritual path, for our good and that of all sentient beings.

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