Welcome to the online retreat program dedicated to deepening your understanding and practice of the Buddha's teachings. These teachings have been passed down from the Buddha through an uninterrupted line of teachers to Dagpo Rinpoche, and he is in his turn passing them on to us. Through your participation you can experience for yourself the immense benefits and immediate relevance of these instructions in our modern world.


Different types of retreats prepared for us by Rinpoche are offered throughout the year. They are provided to deepen our understanding and practice of his teachings and are designed to complement the study programs he has established. 
    1. The annual lamrim retreats: Guided by Rinpoche, these retreats emphasize the quintessence of his teachings; they are reserved for Buddhist practitioners with a solid knowledge of the Buddha's thought and who wish to engage in the practice of the stages of the path to enlightenment. 

    2. Short study and meditation retreats: These retreats are often held on weekends and are guided by experienced students of Rinpoche. They provide opportunities to deepen one's understanding of specific topics, such as karma and the law of causality, mind and mental factors, or any other subject of meditation of the stages of the path

    3. Introduction to Buddhism retreats: Guided by experienced students of Rinpoche and held over several days, these retreats provide opportunities to discover the foundations of Buddhist thought and practice. 

    4. Purification retreats: These retreats are organized for group practice of rituals that aim to purify your mind and accumulate the positive potential necessary for attaining spiritual realizations, such as love for all beings or a deep wisdom penetrating reality. 

    5. Personal study and meditation retreats: These retreats are organized to provide everyone a conducive context for study and meditation. Their sequence has been meticulously prepared by Rinpoche and are structured based on a retreat booklet supported by transcripts of Rinpoche's teachings and small group sharing sessions. Each participant progresses at his or her own pace.
All these retreats were designed by Rinpoche to provide a consistent program conducive to inner transformation and to support for practice adapted to life in our modern world.


These retreats will offer you an authentic transmission of the Buddha's teachings and a framework carefully prepared by Rinpoche to allow you to develop qualities of both heart and wisdom, and thus travel towards complete enlightenment for the good of all beings. 


If you wish to participate to these retreats, please complete the specific registration forms for each. Final registration is subject to Rinpoche's approval.

Study, Reflection, & Meditation Retreat on Mental Factors

26-31 DECEMBER 2022 There are many causes for the happiness we experience and the suffering we undergo, but the main ones are internal. The study of the mind is fundamental in order to unmistakably discern which thoughts to cultivate and which to discard. It is therefore essential to learn how to...


Friday, March 3 rd (19h) to Sunday, March 5 th (17h) When we try to engage in virtuous activities sometimes our mental state is obscure, weary, and easily distracted. This is due to the force of the habits we have acquired, and to the presence of obscurations and defilements that clutter our...

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