Dharmapedia website, and the application associated with it (available free of charge on Apple AppStore and GooglePlay) aim at making the encyclopedic dictionary of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism entitled The fine rays of the sun from the Land of snows more accessible. Thanks to its powerful search engine, and to the classification of its entries into categories following the main themes of the Buddha's teaching, it is intended both for those who have undertaken the study of Tibetan language and those who have not. Over the centuries, Buddhism spread to many countries, initially mainly in Asia and the Middle-East, but none of them translated so systematically and exhaustively, over several centuries, the teachings of Buddha in their great diversity, as well as all the commentaries of the great Indian canonical sages, as Tibet. Please note however that Dharmapedia is for now only available in French, although we hope to be able to make it available in English and other languages in the future.


This dictionary is a tribute to Dagpo Rinpoche, and to his tireless activity to share the Buddha's teaching with the greatest accuracy in French language and thus preserve this invaluable heritage, kept intact from generation to generation by all sincere Tibetan masters and practitioners, through their different lineages. He is the source, the inspiration, the benevolent and demanding guide, at each stage of this project.

Dharmapedia is intended for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Buddha's teaching as it was practiced in India and Tibet, through the very sources, in Tibetan language, of this unique heritage. Its entries are voluntarily concise, to recall that the transmission of this knowledge is essentially oral and practical, in contact with spiritual friends. It includes nevertheless some explanations to clarify notions that for many of them are new to us. It is based on a wide variety of authentic sources in Tibetan language: the very teachings of the Buddha, their canonical commentaries by Indian and Tibetan masters, study manuals from the great monasteries of the land of snows and various philosophical dictionaries in  Tibetan language, as well as the teachings given in France and in the world for more than forty years by Dagpo Rinpoche.


Through this dictionary, you will find all the concepts addressed by Rinpoche with their precise definitions as well as excerpts from his teachings which shed light on them. We hope that Dharmapedia can help you to acquire a solid knowledge of the Buddha's thought, which is essential when engaging in meditation. 

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