Interdependence - Veneux - 2012


It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha expose, whether directly or indirectly, interdependence. Present from the very first teaching of the Buddha which describes the four realities of the noble beings, it is revealed explicitly in all its majesty during the second cycle of teachings of the Buddha which lays the foundation of the mādhyamika prāsaṅgika philosophical school. It is these four aspects of interdependence that Rinpoche invites us to discover here, highlighting delicately how they are intimately related to our daily experience, and in particular how all our happiness depends profoundly on others.  


With exceptional clarity and simplicity Rinpoche finds the right words to introduce us to the deepest aspect of reality, which lies beyond our habitual perceptions that categorize and freeze all things. He hence describes in turn:
      1. The meaning of interdependence 
      2. The four dimensions of interdependence : dependence to causes and conditions, dependence to parts, dependence to a basis of imputation, dependence to the mind that perceives the object
      3. The way all our happiness depends on others


Understanding interdependence, and then letting this understanding flow into all the aspects of your existence, is the key to gradually freeing yourself from all suffering and fully unfolding an intense compassion that embraces all beings.

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