The perfection of concentration - Monaco - 2019


Meditative serinity, or śamatha in Sanskrit, is a fundamental quality that allows one to direct the mind with great pliancy for as long as one wishes so towards any desired object. This extreme fluidity is accompanied by great lightness as well as great physical and mental happiness. If it is not a requirement for achieving renunciation or bodhicitta, although it makes their emergence easier, it is on the other hand essential to obtain liberation from all sufferings through the development of insight, or vipaśyanā in Sanskrit, which results in the direct understanding of emptiness. Through this teaching, Rinpoche offers us the keys to cultivate such meditative serenity. 


Relying on the Great Lamrim composed by Je Tsongkhapa, Rinpoche exposes successively: 

  1. The conditions conducive to meditative serenity.
  2. The method to cultivate it.
  3. The different possible objects of meditation.
  4. The most appropriate objects.
  5. The five main faults or obstacles.
  6. The eight applications, or remedies.
  7. The nine mental stages.
  8. The four attentions
  9. The realization of meditative serenity


This teaching of great rigor offers you a very systematic method to cultivate meditative serenity, from the meditation posture to adopt or the object to chose, to the obstacles that need to be overcome and the remedies to resort to in order to progress accross the different stages that lead to its realization.  

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